I train your dog .................I teach you my techniques


I offer personal 1-2-1 dog advanced obedience and behaviour training

at my training grounds, your home or chosen area.

My unique training methods are successful with

even the most demanding or difficult dogs


A good many dog handlers attend regular dog training clubs but never attain their ideal standard.

Why is this? What makes them and their dog different to dogs reaching a higher level?

It is often down to the instruction, knowledge, skills and motivation of both handler and dog club.

Certainly some breeds are more trainable than others yet I regularly train all dogs to a very high standard.

I decided to offer 1-2-1 personal training as the best way to train both handler and dog because class training with groups is usually a compromise, the best dogs move forward leaving the others to struggle.

With me you can decide to work at a particular exercise or several, the choice is yours.

Popular sessions include

On and off lead heel work

Recall, dog coming first time to you

Out of sight recall commands

Out of sight stay commands

‘A’ recalls to heel

Drop down, dog goes down whilst walking to heel

Pick up,dog returns to heel as you pass it

Fetch item, over obstacles

Send away,dog sent to marker and sits/lies down

You may wish to choose an exercise not listed if you prefer

Mike Gilmore ACFBA MGODT

Master Dog Trainer

Professional Dog Behaviour Practitioner

Qualified with

The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and The Guild of Dog Trainers

I teach your dog and teach you.

dog performing recall

dog walking to heel off lead

dog in sit-stay

Advanced Dog Obedience Training

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