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1-2-1 dog obedience and behaviour training

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Many dogs get basic dog obedience training but suffer from dog behaviour problems. Most dog behaviour problems starts from puppy age. Maybe the puppy jumps up people or starts to nip or bite. The puppy may also show aggressive behaviour over food or toys. This is often the first signs the dog can be disobedient or aggressive to dogs or people.

Most puppies will come when called, then at around six or seven months gain their confidence and turn a deaf ear. Many dog owners complain to me their dog fails to come to them when called, yet they come when called in from the garden.

The dog obviously understands the ‘call command’ but is selective when responding. Despite dogs receiving regular training many still exhibit behaviour problems. I have successfully overcome training problems by improving the dog’s behaviour.

My Services

I offer to correct the following

Dog not coming to you when called

Dog fighting with other dog in family

Dog to people aggression

Dog to dog aggression

Dog nipping, teething, biting

Dog destructive behaviour

Dog anxiety, nervousness

Dog chewing - digging

Dog escaping from home

Dog eating dog poo

and much more

My unique training methods are successful with

even the most demanding or difficult dogs

Mike Gilmore ACFBA MGODT

Master Dog Trainer

Professional Dog Behaviour Practitioner

Qualified with

The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and The Guild of Dog Trainers

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